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“Ask Me Anything” About Logos, Bible Study, Sermon Prep and the Bible
“Ask Me Anything” About Logos, Bible Study, Sermon Prep and the Bible

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“Ask Me Anything” About Logos, Bible Study, Sermon Prep and the Bible
25+ Questions: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

136 Minutes (WOW!)

Logos Version: 10 (compatible with all versions of Logos)

Below is the list of questions answered:

1. I create an image highlight but the image appears but is too small. Scale is set at 100%, and I am viewing on a desktop.

2. Do I lose anything by purchasing a legacy library? For example, a resource is in a legacy library and is available in the store. Is there any difference?

3. When in the Bible, if I hover over a word, a status line at the bottom of the view gets updated with the Greek word and its attributes, e.g., verb, present, active, participle, singular, genitive, masculine; Strong's Greek #4328; LN 30.55. Is there any easy way to determine what these terms mean?

4. I downloaded an Alfred macro that can access Logos. A example of the command is "logos4:Search;kind=BibleSearch;q={query};syntax=v2;documentlevel=verse;match=stem;in=raw:Top$7CDataType$3Dbible$7CResourceType$3Dtext.monograph.bible$7CResultLimit$3D5$7CTitle$3DTop$2520Bibles"
It searches your top Bibles for a string.
Where would I find more information about this kind of query?
5. Do you have any suggestions on using Logos in a teaching situation? For instance, how to project Logos using an iPad.
6. Do you have any insight on what is going on with Logos Pro?
7. Is it possible in Logos to highlight a portion of scripture and have it read aloud in either the Hebrew or Greek language as appropriate? Thank you!
8. Why does it sometimes not allow me to attach a note when I right-click on a word in an open Bible, but it does sometimes?
9. John, I just subscribed to Logos Pro, and the A.I. generated questions, illustrations, and search summarizations are absolutely amazing and concerning at the same time. Question: How do we discern when an assistant becomes a hindrance? Also, does the course you offer on Chat GPT & A.I. dive into this question in more detail?
10. Is there an ideal layout for a non-Hebrew or non-Greek student to link an English bible to access the Hebrew and Greek lexicons/dictionaries conveniently?
11. In the hearing of Psalm 89, Ethan is mentioned. However, when I select "Ethan" and do a Bible search (on Mac), nothing happens. This happens occasionally with other words. Is there some kind of setting or reason for this function not working?
12. As far as IBS, what are some things a person should mark in the text, and why are those markings important?
13. Can you show how you outline a text that has one PC and several SCs in OpenText
14. What is your advice to someone who understands the nuts and bolts (having watched many how-to videos:) of the Logos software but still do not feel they are getting maximum benefit out of their Bible study? Put another way, what is the best way to become laser-focused on the passage or topic at hand? I love using the software but it's easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of information that the program can quickly deliver.
15. Is it possible to save a layout that a user is finished with instead of deleting it?
16. I thought it would be nice to have my 5 or so best introductions to Bible books accessible through my top book with a simple click from that book. I couldn't find a simple way except by having a layout for it with a collection. Is there another way apart from a layout?
17. If I want to read a text in Greek, is there a way to do it with logos
18. How can AI be utilized through Logos with Christian integrity? In other words, I want to utilize the tool to aid my work and learning without it doing the work in place of me.
19. What is the best program to learn about how our Father's story presented in His Bible relates to His land? I have difficulty remembering the names of places and their place in His story.
20. I have Logos on both Desktop and iOS…..I mostly use the iOS version on my iPad Pro. Do your free training sessions only cover the Desktop version?
21. Hi, how do I set up a good file system? For example, where can I save and retrieve my notes and clippings? Where would I start? How would I convert what I already have done? Do you have any good suggestions?
22. I am working on a master's of biblical studies at Redemption Seminary. The final course is to write a paper on my "project." Will the final session you offer on preparing a dissertation be helpful for this final paper in a master's program?
23. I have been frustrated so many times when I access Logos Atlas to find the location of a specific place mentioned in the biblical text because the software takes me to a map that is so general. I have no clue as to where the location might be. Is there any way to access better maps in Logos or to locate places anywhere else?
24. What would be the best way to visibly highlight or mark all occasions when just SINGULAR personal pronouns are used in either testament of my Bible of choice? I want to know the singular automatically and, by the absence of markings, the plural personal pronouns while merely reading my Logos Bible. It's no problem with the KJV and ASV (1901), of course, but my NKJV and other newer translations make it difficult to ascertain this knowledge without stopping and looking up each pronoun. Thank you.
25. I saw your training on AI, which was fantastic. Do you know if Logos will incorporate AI in the software, and if so, when that might be released?
26. Can you demo the new features in the new Logos Pro subscription and let us know if, in your opinion, It is worth the $10/month investment at the moment?
27. How about some instruction on searching specific syntactic constructions in Gk/Heb/Ar? (Like a specific root/lemma verb plus a specific preposition, etc. [plus typing a search string in those languages sometimes seems wacky]).
As just one Gk ex., say one wanted to research the purported difference between the mere verb pisteuw, believe (or vb. plus "object"—whether dative or accusative), compared to the construction of the verb + prepositional phrase pisteuw eis + accusative, "believe in" in John's gospel.
28. Do you believe that Logos will implement AI capabilities into their software, and what do you think would be the best way to do that would make the best usage of it? How would you like to see Logos implement AI in the platform?
29. How do you Transfer a Kindle Book to Logos?
30. How about a video on using the “New Testament use of the Old Testament” resources from a reverse perspective for those who love the Old Testament? How can I use these resources when working in the Old Testament to give me a New Testament perspective?

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