Logos 9 Top 100 Shortcuts, Part 1/5
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Logos 9 Top 100 Shortcuts, Part 1/5

55 Minutes
Date: 2021-07-31
Version: Logos 9

1. Prioritize Your Library
2. Create a Shortcut for your Bible Concordance
3. Link your favorite Bible and commentary
4. Direct Your Bible click/links to a specific Book
5. Open any section from any guide
6. Create a Custom Guide
7. Direct Your Verse Look-up to a frequently used Guide
8. Create a Jump-list of your Favorite Bibles for Quick Access
9. Navigate Quickly Between Your Parallel Resources
10. Create a Jump-list of your Favorite Resources for Quick Access
11. Create a Book Mark to Jump to Key Resources
12. Organize Your Key Resources with Folders
13. Find a Map and Measure Distances
14. Find any Biblical location with Biblical Places
15. Display Right-Click Menu Information More Efficiently
16. Change the Font Size of Your Program Instantly
17. Find All the Special Search Tags for Your Bible
18. Leverage the Factbook on the Main Menu for Quick Answers
19. Leverage the Factbook in your Bible for Quick Answers
20. Find a Guide Quickly and Use the Guide Menu