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NOTE: The club is for Logos Bible Software training only at this time.

Why we avoid the "subscription" model, and you should too!

I don't know about you, but I have never been a fan of the subscription "rent" model when it comes to software. Why you may ask?

Reason #1: When the subscription ends, so does the access.

Reason #2:
All the money you spent "subscribing" / "renting" you can not get back and worse, you own nothing!

Reason #3:
The longer you "subscribe" / "rent" the more expensive what you are renting becomes. For example, let's say you rent a video for $5 per month, after 12 months of renting that same video now costs you $60 (12 months x $5). That's not a value, that's poor stewardship.

Reason #4:
Subscriptions decrease your monthly cash-flow, and increase your monthly expenses.

Reason #5:
You are paying for what you don't need or use. Sure you may have access to everything, but do you really need and use everything?

Why are you offering a club membership?
The "LearnLogos VIP Club" was created to serve the customer who already has made a training commitment. They are buying regularly and are looking for additional "savings" or "reward" for their consistent investment in LearnLogos.com training products. We wanted to reduce the number of times one has to order online, as well provide additional services for their support of this training ministry/business. Those benefits are listed below.

Benefits...Isn't your "club" just like a subscription? Isn't this just "spin"?
Please read on and you decide.

Benefit #1: As a member, all new webinar releases (2 to 3 per month), are yours to keep and are included in the plan. No additional or extra cost for new webinars.
  • No longer do you have to purchase each time, you are emailed download links as soon as the videos are ready.

Benefit #2: You will get an additional club discount of at least 25% on all products, even when it's on sale.

Benefit #3:
All products are downloadable and can be streamed as well. (Streaming is a club exclusive).

Benefit #4:
Access to exclusive training events only available to club members. These are offered every other month. They are recorded and downloadable as well.

Benefit #5:
Personal training support via phone or email.

Benefit #6:
Receive a monthly coupon for one free webinar from our video training library. That's an $8 savings per month!

As you can see this is superior to a "subscription"! And remember, you can cancel any time and keep what you own.

How can joining the club save you money?
  • If you purchase 3 webinars per month at the $7.99 price you would have spent $23.97 per month.
    • The club membership is only $19.99 per month, and therefore you will save $3.98 per month ($47.76 annually).
  • You will receive 1 free webinar each month (valued at $7.99) per month. That saves you $95.88 per year.
  • Any additional purchases, will be discounted an additional 25%. You could potentially save $100 or more annually.
  • 6 free training sessions per year is expensive and this is valued over $100 per year.
  • You have invested a lot of money in your Logos Bible Software, it's time to maximize its potential for your personal transformation.

How do you get started?
You have two options: The Month-to-Month Club Plan or the Annual Plan which includes 12 months, for the price of 11 months.

LearnLogos VIP Club Monthly _
LearnLogos VIP Club Yearly
$19.99 each month
$219.89 once a year

Still have questions?
Call us 1-888-706-6383 or email us: club@learnlogos.com