How to Study the Book of Proverbs
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How to Study the Book of Proverbs

Time: 61 Minutes (1 Hour, 1 Minutes)
Logos Version: Logos 7 (compatible with all versions of Logos)

Bonus: Receive the presenter's notes that can be converted to a Logos' searchable, Personal Book

1. Introduction

2. What’s in your library?

3. Spiritual Disciplines - Introduction
A. What is a Spiritual Discipline?
B. What are the Spiritual Disciplines?

4. Spiritual Discipline Principles

5. Studying the Spiritual Disciplines
A. Finding the Spiritual Disciplines in Scriptures
1) Prayer
2) Fasting
3) Tongue / Speaking
4) Bible Study
5) Thought Life
6) Character

B. Additional Search Strategies
C. Additional Tools

6. Cultivating a Spiritually Disciplined Life
A. Hindrances
B. Helps
C. Last Thoughts