10 Commandments: How to Study with Logos Bible Software
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10 Commandments: How to Study With Logos Bible Software

Minutes (2 Hours, 12 Minutes WOW!)
Logos Version: 5 (compatible with all versions of Logos)

Bonus: Receive the presenter's notes that can be converted to a Logos' searchable, Personal Book

1. Recommended but not Required Resources

2. Overview of the 10 Commandments
A. Unique Searching Options
B. Getting Organized to Review Your Search Results
C. Defining Keys Words in the 10 Commandments

3. Expanding Your Understanding with the help of Commentaries
A. Leveraging the Passage Guide
B. Searching the Commentaries
C. Image Searching
D. Background Research: When & Where were the commandment given?

4. Finding Additional Cross References
A. Searching your topical resources
B. Search your Bible for Additional Cross References

5. The 10 Commandments in Light of the Psalms/Proverbs
A. Creating a Specialized Search

6. Our Connection to the 10 Commandments
A. It's About the Heart
B. Recognize the Purpose of the Law
C. We Fulfill the Law

7. Going Further and Deeper in Your Research
A. Law of Christ
B. New Commandment
C. Law
D. Food, Clean
E. Sabbath
F. Circumcision
G. Idolatry