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How to Access your Downloads and Order History

Step 1 - Go to the top menu and click "LOGIN"

Step 2 - Enter your email and password. If you have forgotten your credentials, please email support@learnlogos.com to have them reset.

Step 3 - Click the menu item: "Order History / My Downloads"

Step 4 - Click the drop down menu to select the year you placed the order

Step 5 - Select the year you place the order

Step 6 - Click the GO button

Step 7 - Locate your order and click "Download Files(s) - Click Here"

Step 8 - Click the link with the blue arrow labeled, "CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS"

Step 9 - Click the link to the PDF file with your download instructions and links

Step 10 - The file has downloaded. It should be in your download directory. Simply open the file and click the links.

NOTE: If you need additional help, please call support at 423-344-9985 or email us at support@learnlogos.com